Aviator slang for "will comply'
Tower: Crimson 1-1, take heading 180, angels 25.
Crimson: 1-1, wilco.
by Chaos December 2, 2003
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1. Trucker lingo for will comply

2. A band from Chicago with an annoying sound that's chalk full of elevator Jazz, alarm clocks, random noise & pretentious lyrics. Wilco is fronted by a fat asshole named Jeff Tweedy who is formerly of the late great Alternative Country heroes Uncle Tupelo.

Jeff Tweedy breaks down and cries to elicit sympathy from the girls (or guys, you know...it doesn't matter) he unsuccessfully tries to dick down. For those who love Uncle Tupelo should check out a band called Son Volt which is fronted by Jay Farrar also formerly of Uncle Tupelo. Jay Farrar is where Uncle Tupelo's real talent went.

For more on Wilco Or Jeff Tweedy google the following: Fat Pussies, Soma muscle relaxers, No Talent Prima donnas. Also the Owner/Founder of Urban Dictionary LOVE - LOVE - LOVES THIS BAND!
Toby Keith: Hi, I'm a fat no talent pussy and was wondering if you could recommend some music for my collection.

Kenny Chesney: Oh! I have just the thing, have you ever heard of this great band called Wilco? How about The Used and My Chemical Romance? Also you may be interested in the music styling of Tragic Black from salt lake city, Utah or maybe even A.F.I. Truly Talentless!
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Military radio speak for 'message received and will comply'. Used by all services not just the Air Force. Note this embodies the definition of 'roger' and therefore you do NOT use 'roger' and 'wilco' together.
'Charlie niner this is papa bear over'
'Papa bear this is charlie niner send over'
'proceed at speed to way point bravo over'
'wilco out'
by Schroding June 15, 2007
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awesome alternative country band from chicago. best cd musically is yankee hotel foxtrot, although many prefer being there and summerteeth. AM is generally avoided. one of the best bands in music today.
Wilco kicks ass. Have you ever heard "Poor Places?"
by Ben January 19, 2004
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Wilco definitely kicks ass. They are, as already said, an alt-country band that sort of leans more to either side depending on the album. Fabulous fabulous music, and for it Jeff Tweedy and the boys are fairly well known among people who bother to find music that's not overplayed on MTV. I rather do prefer Summerteeth meself.
Wilco kicks huge ass. This 'Ben' fellow rules.
by Katrina January 28, 2004
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Yo, bitch did j00 listen to da wilco?

Naw nigga, dat shiet is country myoozic on acid!
by i swear.. August 7, 2004
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a band that is so soft, it makes people want to hurt each other.
atleast thats what i think
a very soft band. possibly too soft. i dunno
by chicken pants pooper December 25, 2004
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