A group of people somehow smarter than fully grown adults
Fifth grader: What's 9 + 10?
Adult: ...
by anonym0u$e December 1, 2022
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Someone who falls in the prepubesent age group who is very annoying, overweight, tags along with older sibilings. and thimks they know everything.
by Detroitlions Guy 34 March 30, 2009
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In a private school, fifth graders find themselves grown into middle school, without any of their sixth grade public school friends’ advice, as they are being thrown into it, too. The main difference is that, at that point, only the girls are starting to go through puberty, and only very few. Meanwhile, they have to share the hallways with gimongous eighth graders (and their huge seventh grader posse), who, depending on the type of school, may shove them out of the way, beat them, make loud comments about stupid little fifth graders who should go die in a hole, etc. Fifth graders (at least pre- pubescent ones) have an advantage: they are small and fast. In the hallways, they can dart around the sixth and seventh graders to get to their lockers. Another thing: the lockers. Most fifth graders have not gone through puberty and are still kids. So they will construct fake floors and walls in their lockers to conceal their money. ლ($◡$ლ). None of them will have dated anyone by the end of the year, as their crushes are barely blossoming. While some of them may think otherwise, it is a blessing. Oh yeah, AND THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY SOMEONE WHO JUST GRADUATED FROM FIFTH GRADE. TAKE THAT EIGHTH GRADERS!
Eighth grader: Jesus these stupid head fifth graders should die. (Fifth grader1 and Fifth grader2 dart past)
FG1: Wait what
FG2: Don’t care. I’m late!
by Rio9 July 3, 2018
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Where Adam Drigger hits on 5th graders
In school a kid hit on a 5th grader (his name was adam
by adam driggers March 22, 2005
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something fourth graders like to pretend their like.
some 4th grader: i'm so grown up! i might as well be apart of the fifth graders.
a 5th grader: you don't even know what 8 x 6 is-
by angieslovelife July 7, 2021
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the act of tying your hoodie around your waste, which is often done by young kids and tennis players.
Sarah: Woah, is Jenn a tennis player?

David: nah she's just pulling a fifth grader
by Endstep January 13, 2011
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