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Finger Free February is the Month where Females can’t do the dirty stuff with there Vagina. NO OTHER OBJECTS ARE ALLOWED. This is also considered the Female Version of “No Nut November”. Good Luck Ladies.
Girl 1: Are you gonna participate in FFF?!
Girl 2: What’s that??
Girl 1: It’s Finger Free February! Where you cant finger yourself or use any other objects!
Girl 2: OMG YASSSSS... I’m going to participate!
by Nick M. Aka Ace November 02, 2019
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Finger free February is like no nut November but for women

During February woman cannot masterbate at all
Woman 1: did you hear what’s happening next month
Woman 2: no what’s going on

Woman 1: finger free February
by True blue Ozzie November 03, 2019
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Finger Free February.
Girl version of NNN
Girl: You gonna do Finger Free February
Girl 2: Maybe idk I have a bf
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by ok buddy 69420 November 01, 2019
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This is an activity for the girls!

Finger Free February is a month we’re all girls are not aloud to pleasure them selves with any sexual activities for the entire month. If a girl is to fail this challange, She must take the sacrifice of being single for the whole year! But they’re aloud 1 Free Card for the 14th of February as it is valentines but any other date in the month... You’ve been warned! Also during this month, Males will be aloud to send you as many pics of their penises, but if you Screenshot or Send back! You lose and no longer get the certificate for being a queen


Don’t finger for a Month
December 1st
Boy 1: Thank god it’s December, No Mut November has shown me things that are not possible

Boy 2: You thought that was hard, wait for the ladies to try out Finger Free February

January 31st, 23:57
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by TomTikTok November 05, 2019
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so you’ve heard of no nut November right? well now sucks to be a girl there is now a finger free february. but us girls can control it better than guys
me: what’s the date today?
them: february first
me: its finger free february
by ieatpenissticksandpussys November 07, 2019
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For the whole month of February girls can not masterbate at all
Girl “haha it’s November nnn bitch
Boy “ did you froget about Finger Free February
by Aj Chisholm November 02, 2020
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