A party that focuses on swimming in a pool as the main premise

One of the only socially acceptable ways for half-naked people to wrestle around, even with other people's boyfriends/girlfriends
I went to a pool party last night. Everyone must have been horny as hell or something, because everywhere I looked were people sprawled all over each other, even the people that were supposedly taken. Not that I'm complaining or anything!
by DROCK2265 July 25, 2010
When you're at a good pool (either in the skatepark or one u found)and while ur tearing it up, all of a sudden like 20 seven-year old kids come out, slide into the bowl without dropping in, and ruin ur perfectly good session with their shitty ass going up, falling off, and crying.
The Vans Skatepark in Orlando pisses me off because it has liek 8 pool parties a damn day
by lesbian seagull December 14, 2003
Pool Party; Noun/Verb

To take an American Standard Pool table and place it into a chlorine filled H2O compound dug (in a backyard and/or porch) in the ground. You and atleast four other members then jump apon the table that is resting inside of the 'Pool' and start doing the commonly known dance from michievious teenagers known as 'The Party Boy'. Commence and continue dancing until the last person is still standing on the table.
Today I am going to a school group celebration at the YMCA and we are having a 'Pool Party'.
by NimbleBlood February 23, 2010
When a group of men stand in a circle (similar to a circle jerk) and masturbate into a toilet. They then flush the toilet and walk away.
Don't have any plans for tonight. Do you?

Well, we could grab Ron and Terry and have a POOL PARTY.
by GuysNight March 13, 2018
Being controlled by a fat bitch
"We went to this pool party but had to fake sick to leave"
by Supergirl_mouse July 15, 2017
When a girl has Kool aid in her mouth and the guy plops his scrotum in her mouth.
"Say ahhhhhhhhhhh it's a pool party"
by tuck sesh July 14, 2018
When one inserts the fat end of a wine bottle into the anal opening whilst another individual attempts to drink wine from the opposing end of the bottle whilst within 100 feet of a pool or other body of water
"Wow, you should have seen the Tuscan Pool Party at Jakobs house last night!"
by Chalmuns Cantina GM December 12, 2014