abbreviation for feet and toes exchange.
this is an exchange of images that involve feet and toes. these images are usually exchanged for FATE token, but can also be exchanged for money.
by jade uwu November 14, 2019
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No matter what you do or happens to you, whether how good or bad, wonderful or stupid is all what life leads you to (fate).
A friend of yours slaps you in the face and said it's not his fault because it's fate. You slap your friend's face back and said it was fate that leaded you to do so, and all these goes on.... all in the name of fate.
by Cheeky Smiles April 14, 2011
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When something is meant to be.
Signs keep on leading to the person.
They are meant to be! It's fate! They're gonna pull a Will and Melissa
by Melissanie October 22, 2010
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Something that is weird and freaky, but can bring two people together :)
Nate and Allison had different paths, but they crossed anyways because of fate.
by mehbleghblegh May 17, 2010
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The series of events that has taken place from the beginning of time and will be that way until the end of it. Everything in the future can be known if you know everything about the present. That's because every single thing happens for a reason, specifically some factor of the past. I am writing this definition because I was bored. I was bored because there was nothing to do. There was nothing to do because no one was home and/or online to talk to. etc. Absolutely every single event is predictable through cause and effect. If you knew absolutely every single factor effecting a situation, then you would know exactly what the outcome would be. Whatever the universe was created by, the very first event that started it started a chain reaction that will last forever through the magic of cause and effect. Blah. I'm rambiling. If you don't know what I'm talking about by now then meh.
Almost the only thing that could contradict fate is if you believe in true free will. I personally don't. Nobody has free will. All your actions are determined by your personality and experiences. Your personality comes from your parents. Your experiences come from the outside world. Your parents and the outside world came from the creation of the universe. So if "God" or what have you, knew exactly everything about what he was creating, then how could he not know exactly every single thing that people would do and how the future would unfold? So if it's possible to predict the future without error by knowing everything about the present, then wouldn't fate have to be true? Actually, I wouldn't mind getting emailed if someone wants to argue with me or something =P lol
by Quizznotik June 25, 2006
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Fate is the product of all the experiences and decisions we have made in our lives. Fate is inevitable but its not predetermined.
We are the once who make our own fate, we should not hold on to it. What you can do now can determine what you may have for tomorrow.
by mdejesus5 March 23, 2009
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when two people were very simply meant to be. they find each other. they will love forever. its just the way it is.
Lauren and Tyler were fate.
by ilovemyboy December 27, 2009
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