Someone who claims to have participated and excelled in every sport as an adolescent, yet isn’t good enough to participate in any sport at a collegiate level. This person seems to interject his opinion as if it were a fact when watching a sport, yet his reference/expertise holds no HOH. He borrows ASU athletic gear from his roommates so that it seems he was part of something special, when in fact, he is a marathon spectator!
Q: Dude, check out this eagles vs the lions game, it’s snowing, not sure how they can run in this, let alone throw the ball.
A: I’ve played in worse conditions in high school, I was the backup, but came in to punt the ball. I did it with no gloves on my hands, punted a beauty.
Q: Dude, first of all, what makes you think I give a fuck!? Second, I don’t want to hear your violin story from back in high school, FAN!!!
by el churro tasty December 26, 2013
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acronym for ‘Feliz Año Nuevo’ – Spanish for ‘Happy New Year
I finally clued-in to what is meant by all the recentFANs’ I’m getting at the end of emails.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ December 31, 2011
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Someone who is a irrelevant bitch and says they don’t like you but always up ya ass caring about everything you doing like the students in ma school
by Yourmomgey April 07, 2018
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neglecting to follow through on promises made and/or blowing someone off
He said he would pick up the whole crew with his truck at 1 AM, but just fanned us and never showed!
by Hcrib April 11, 2021
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If you are a fan of a singer or musician, you enjoy their music and their personality and you listen to them a lot and know the words to their songs.
by TeenageCulturePro July 23, 2018
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An individual who does not like someone but watches said persons every mood i.e social media posts.
You don’t like me yet you stay on my’re a FAN!
by Coolstory September 09, 2018
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The area of Richmond, VA starting near the VCU campus and ending somewhere around the bottom of CaryTown. Has a high concentration of 100 year old victorian houses. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and now featuring a starbucks where the old Video/Tanning salon used to be.
I lived in 5 different apartments in "the fan" or "Parking is a bitch in the fan"
by Nikki C. February 16, 2007
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