A city in between Moreno Valley, Pettis, Menifee, and Hemet yet no one from those cities has ever heard of it.
Guy 1: Do you know where Nuevo is?

Guy 2 (from a nearby city): Nuevo, never heard of it.

Guy 1: It's literally like 5 minutes from here.

Guy 2: Nope, still never heard of it.
by HeyY'allWatchThis April 13, 2016
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Qué te parece mi nuevo perro ?
Translation: Do you like my new dog?
by Drageromb May 17, 2016
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see. new rave The hottest dance tracks comming out of France right now would fit into this genre.
Rave Nuevo is sweeping the nation! Just ask Deejays like the world famous DJ Willow from Paris or DJ YR LTTL PWNY, they know all about it.
by DJ Willow from Paris February 6, 2008
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A city that is south of Laredo, Texas and across the Río Grande river that is fucked up by a drug cartel and Mexican military (and federal police) confrontations, but that is not so boring as its american sister city.
Hey dude, let´s go to Nuevo Laredo, it´s kinda fucked up, but at least there´s more after-party going on over there.
by zurdo1432 February 13, 2011
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When you dont want to tell people where you have eaten you would say, I went to date a neuvo for dinner.
Jim; "where did you go for your meal yesterday?"

Chris; "ahh, just Dat A Nuevo"
by dannykent666 October 1, 2009
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Anywhere Midwest or Northern West to Ohio where small homesteads are sold at a premium in post pandemic America. These may be hobby farms or single wide carpentry-enhanced camping villas on minimal to wide acreage. Some include mobile homes on less than <10 ACREAS and cost in excess of of double or more previous decades value, but in most cases previous YEAR's value Must have at least a fruit tree, grapes, or vined produce or otherwise specialty agriculture product including specialty mushrooms and/or medical and certifiable crop. The homes appearance, or overall property and standing structures must be country side picturesque or of matching metal roofs, trim, or containg other unifying features such as boulders, or in certain cases patina perfect rusted and collectible automobiles now including not newer than 1994.
Found a 200k Nuevo Cali on Zillow. Has a spring fed well. Parasites, but apparently treatable.
by daTookZah July 25, 2021
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