An analogous act to a titfuck, performed by a guy on an obese partner, using rolls of fat instead of breasts for stimulation.

Also as a verb, fatfuck, not to be confused with fat fuck (derog.).
My girlfriend is so fat, dude. When I fatfuck her, my dick disappears!
by luvthabiggest May 25, 2005
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Any type of activity involving fat bitches and lunchboxes.

See related words: "Fat Eating", "Fat Driving", "Fat Eating"
Stoner 1: Where is Fatboy?
Stoner 2: Probably Fat Fuckin
Stoner 3: Black Ass
Stoner 4: Lunchbox is all about that Fat Fuckin.
by Weed Man April 01, 2004
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An overweight good for nothing person who refuses to work and relies on other people to take care of them.
After Brent walked out on his job he became nothing more to his family than a fat fuck.
by JDawg 316 March 22, 2016
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A triple-insult designed to really hit home. It is in fact three separate insults;

1. You're Fat
2. You're a Fuck
3. You're a Fat Fuck.
by Go ham October 03, 2012
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Let me clarify things up a bit. A fat person is not always a fat fuck, but a fat fuck is always a fat person. Therefore, not every fat person is a fat fuck.

There's some major differences between a fat fuck and being fat. A fat person is just like any other regular person but fat. That is the category I fall in. I wear bigger clothes and can't run that fast, but besides that I am just like you.

A fat fuck is a not a person. A fat fuck is a sentient mass of blubber, odor and stretch marks. There are a few ways to distinguish between a fat person and a fat fuck. A fat fuck goes around with a horrible odor lingering because they are too lazy to shower every day. A fat fuck breathes with his mouth open everywhere like a sloth because breathing through his nose doesn't supply enough oxygen. A fat fuck goes around eating everyone's leftovers and pleas ignorant when asked where all the food went. A fat fuck chooses to ignore his girth and act like he's 150lbs by wearing clothes too small and getting in the way of everyone. A fat fuck will get all bitchy when someone calls him out of his fatness instead of accepting the fact he is fat. A fat fuck has grease stains and crumpled up McDonald's bags around his room because he is too lazy to clean. A fat fuck is a swine in human form.

So please, as a fat person, try and distinguish between the overweight ones and the fat fucks. Thank you.
-The fat fuck in my dorm decided it was cute to eat all my leftovers in the fridge even though it was clearly labeled. The next day I keyed his car up.

Person 1. What the hell is that smell?
Person 2. It's Anthony, that fat fuck smells all the time because he doesn't act like he knows what a shower is.

Dear Fat Fucks of the world. TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER. I can smell you from a mile away. They make soap for a fucking reason.
by I love lesbians June 23, 2011
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Noun - A person who is not only over weight and often ridiculed for it, but is also obnoxious and annoying.

Adjective - A word commonly used to describe unliked fat people who annoy the fuck out of everyone and can't take a hint or lose weight.
1) After missing the basket, that fat fuck Shane kicked the basketball in a fit of rage and drove off to Wendy's.
2) At Wendy's, the same fat fuck proceeded to order water with his 5 cheeseburgers in hope of eating healthier.
by Wobo King June 12, 2009
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