An talented, charming and charismatic guy. He is an very good and respectable actor who unforunetly passed away the 30th of November 2013. Basically a guy you wanna be friends with.
Sometimes you just gotta be a Paul Walker.
by noraali April 29, 2015
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An alcoholic beverage in tribute to the great Paul Walker consisting of a car bomb followed by a fireball shot. Each round of the drink is equivalent to a movie in the Fast and the Furious series, with the goal being to complete the entire 7 part series in one night. The third round - Tokyo Drift - is completed with a sake bomb instead of a car bomb (or whatever Asian ingredient you can find).
LeNathan: "Man you guys, I'm still so bummed about Paul Walker. Not only was he the greatest actor on the planet, he was such a sweet bro too."
Willoughby: "That's true. Hey, I know what'll cheer you up, a 2nd round of Paul Walkers on me! 2 Fast 2 Furious coming up!"
LeNathan: "Nuh uh! Wow, I feel better already! RIP Paul Walker!!"
Willoughby: "That's the spirit! Let's get wasted and have unprotected sex! Then go drag racing!!"
(Everyone cheers, girls remove their tops)
by Dixi Normis January 29, 2014
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The greatest street racer to have graced the streets of America. Generally seen driving his mad tyte JDM Skyline and his Supra with superior aerodynamic properties.
I would get my left nut for Paul Walker's dr1ftZ skills.
by Jon Le June 16, 2008
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an absolute fucking stud. the man you will still cry 5 or more years after his death. one of the most genuine actors out there. the man who is probably still your celebrity crush.
you just gotta love Paul Walker
by smbfd February 27, 2019
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An American Actor who plays the character of Paul Walker in every movie. Possesses virtually no range, negligible skill, and a knack for turning dramatic scenes into lifeless, ordinary pieces of cinematic disappointment.
Eric: What do you think about Paul Walker starring as the new Batman??

"rational" Eddie: I think the real question is, do you really want to see Batman starring as Paul Walker.
by William Cunningham III April 4, 2011
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A car crash in a video game that kills the driver and involves at least one flip
I was playing GTA V and I totally Paul Walkered and lost my car
by Black Tuba Player January 26, 2014
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RIP. 1973-2013
Live by the blade, die by the blade. RIP Paul Walker
by starholdest December 1, 2013
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