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Origin of this term comes from a girl who cannot get her eyebrows right, and goes back and forth trying until both eyebrows are too thin or gone altogether.

Term also applies to other types of girl stuff, like haircuts, makeup, and even things she is doing outside her own stuff.
Rosey: Hold still, I can't get your neck right if you keep moving!
Jer: I have been holding still for an hour woman! Stop eyebrowing with the clippers and fix my damn hair!
Rosey: I'm not an eyebrower! You just won't hold still!!
by Polymathous January 10, 2012
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A person who is so Hot, attractive, and sexually desirable they make you raise an eybrow; either out of jealousy, frustration because they're out of your league, or because you are enjoying the sight.
I- Darnell got so much swagger, he's so fine...what a little eye-brower.

II- I wish Tanisha would know I exist, but she's such an eye-brower that she's untouchable.

III- Ugh, would you just look at Julie. She thinks she's such an eye-brower but the only reason the guys follow her like lost-puppies is because she's so loose.
by SwaggerLikeMe May 13, 2009
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