Someone who is strong, handsome, manly and is loved by everyone.
Guy 1: *beats up guy who harasses lady*
Guy watching: damn he must be Eyad
by I know every single definition February 5, 2018
Eyad is a smart boy, he's the smartest boy in his class.he's kind, charming, and likes everyone. He's trustful and a real friend who will stay with you forever ,but once you loose his trust you loose it forever. But sometimes chats with you both gets awkward 🙃
Boy1:eyad can you help with the math h.w


by Cherry is da best🍒 May 21, 2021
An Eyad is a really sexy and muscular dude. Usually with the biggest dick sizes.
Mostly know for high charisma levels. He is also known for fucking everybody in his way. He is the first creator of the doggy style. He is always perfect in everything.
Don’t mess with him or he’ll mess with your mother’s pussy.
How are you so perfect man?? Enta shaklak Eyad.
Eyad, bara7a 3aleih w 3ala omo lw sma7t.
by Idoo September 16, 2021
Handsome, beautiful, strong and manly has all the girls .
Look at that guy having sex with a girl, dame he must be and Eyad
by wrfwafaw January 16, 2021
Used to describe someone that is aesthetic as fuck
Guy 1: fuark did you see that guy? Aesthetic as fuck

Guy 2: yeah dude was an eyad
by Aestheticguy7 September 27, 2013
Is a bot that really thinks he is insane and is very cringy
by Ak is goat October 1, 2019
He is gay, ugly and has a small dick
wow he must be a eyad
by I don’t have ego November 24, 2019