A person who is 'too cool for school', or 'madd fly'
Gundy is an enta fo sho'
by Gunzilla January 5, 2005
The Enta species are divine weapons made by Salcondoran, to serve him in his court. They were made to resemble his ex-wife, Solar Pyre. They were created by carving a piece of The Grand Arcane and using it as a soul anchor, then using Divine Magic, bringing it to life.
entas are madd fly
by Azula.cs March 26, 2020
Alternate name for the two front teeth; most often the two ENLARGED front teeth.
"Ouch, you hurt my entas. NARSH!"
by Barlou March 12, 2004
A comment that turns a non sexual comment into a sexual phrase.
"Selek" means "Wire", "Enta" means "you".
literally means "you are a wire!?".
when said, it means "you want a wire!?" ; which "wire" means "dick"
simply, its the arabic virsion of "thats what she said"
Guy1: that's the longest i've ever seen
Guy2: Selek Enta!?
by D.Judge November 3, 2010
An awesomely uber word for point. When my friends and I were high off of oxygen we made up this word. Po-enta is not offending or disrespectful. It simply means point.
Ok...and what is your po-enta?
by Takira aka Yoshi December 3, 2007
Enta bot is an Arabic definition for someone who plays video games but always dies in the first 5 minutes of the game.
I just died , I don’t have anything to kill the enemy! It’s not my fault! “No Enta bot!”
by EntaBot October 22, 2019