a Eyad abdelfattah is a incredibly smart-man and is a pro at any game you give him; a eyad abdelfattah would usually have black/brown straight hair, and white British skin and their ethnicity would be Egyptian-american or just Arab. And would be in a trio called a magnet trio. He is the famous actor of jiggle fatter in the hit tv show “jiggle to the wibble” directed by Samir shaban.


if you see a eyad abdelfattah he would usually be playing basketball or fortnite on his PS5 or begging for 12k vbucks

related words: British,white,tall,straight,Lil’E

the litteral meaning of The name Eyad is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means Support, Might, Strength and is used as یاد, इयाद, إياد, ইয়াদ.

And AbdelFattah (Arabic: عبد الفتاح) is a Muslim male given name, and in modern usage, surname. ... The name means "servant of the Conqueror", Al-Fattāḥ being one of the names of God in the Qur'an, which give rise to the Muslim theophoric names.
the meaning of a eyad abdelfattah in a sentence would be "oh my that tall guy with man-boobs and straight hair that is running down a ball court must be a rare exotic strongman called a eyad abdelfattah "
by Samthemanwiththevibes January 7, 2022
Eyad is a chicken nugget and a goblin disguised as eyad he has entered this earth at November 18 2005 he is toxic and hypnotized by the b3 b3
by Unknown goblin November 18, 2018
girl a: he has the smallest dick ever.
girl b: he must be an eyad then.
by BDE06 April 19, 2022
- Slave
- Loves his cousins

- Chinese rice picker
- xi jing pings sex slave
"sheesh anda cut."
"Did u see eyad walking out of xi jing pings office."
"Who committed incest in this neighbourhood, I heard eyad fucked his cousin."
by DoggyStylePerformer March 10, 2022