Meaning Oh My. Usually used by those who speak the Korean language or wannabe Koreans who watch Kdramas all day.
"Omo! Kim Hyun Jung and Geum Jandi kissed!!!11!1!1!"
by tpizzy August 7, 2009
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a generic term used especially on Twitter NG to describe feelings of shock, admiration and disgust.

usually, the feeling being conveyed at a particular time in the usage of the word is understood by those who come across it.
did you see that babe's picture? Omo.

I just saw his tweet. Omo, e be things.
by reserved icon July 16, 2020
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Omo means Child in the Yoruba language. It is used to refer to a child, a person regardless of age in contexts or child of- a concept or Identity. It can be used for exclamation as well.
Omo Sade- Sade's child

Omo yen- That child
Omo ge- Fine babe
Omo Yoruba - Yoruba child =(Yoruba person, of Yoruba ancestry)
Omo Naija- Child of Nigeria =(Nigerian)

Omo Ghana- Ghanaian person
Omo! look at that horse
by knowledgeperson February 27, 2022
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omo can be used short to stand for Omorashi
Omorashi is a Japanese word that means 'to wet yourself'

Omorashi is a sexual fetish that involves peeing on yourself or peeing on someone else, and holding your bladder.
(Watersports is the same as Omorashi, but is the English version)
I love omo!
My favorite fanfics are omo fanfics.
I'm an omo fanatic.
by Yooniesm May 12, 2019
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My mom's new nickname because she mispelled it one time writing an email to her kids, Us.
glad to hear from you kids, love omo
by Travass January 6, 2005
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someone that is gay
word to insult people
1) That man is an omo, i.e. he's gay.
2) Omo!
by Vlaamie September 10, 2006
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The odd man out. When a ratio of girls to guys is unfavorable to the men, one person is designated omo and does not get any action.
Paul: yo theres gonna be 5 guys but only 4 girls.
Teddy: that means we need an omo.
Bryan: i'll take the responsibility.
by hairy hair July 26, 2006
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