1. Full of enthusiasm: Full of happy high spirits and vitality.

2. Abundant: growing in great abundance or profusion.

3. Lavish: Lavish or elaborate, often to the point of being excessive.

When he saw Sharon, he jumped with exuberance.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
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An out of body experience fueled by fear or malice, causing one to hallucinate their pets and or loved ones watching foot fetish images or videos, which can lead to psychosis or the awakening of demons.
After experiencing exuberance, I found a demon living in my fridge.
by legendandeva99 July 17, 2023
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Exuberation is a feeling of complete joy.

Dictionaries will not list this word even though they WILL list refudiate, leading us to believe that the world is all together screwed over. If words that by Latin context make sense are denied in favor for misspellings of unintelligent political degenerates then it's probably best to kill ourselves now.
Person1: I am in complete exuberation right now!

Person2: I demand you refudiate your comment!

Person1: You, sir, are a clear example of how natural selection doesn't work fast enough.
by GerckleShmerklefim December 4, 2010
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In the wizarding world, "Exuberant" is a spell created by a well-read French wizard, Charlene de Saint-Ex, who was a great fan of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's work, particularly "The Little Prince." Charlene found such solace and wisdom in the book that she wanted to share it magically.

The spell is invoked with the word "Exuberant," pronounced as /ɪɡˈzu bərənt/ with the wand movement of drawing a small, stylized crown in the air—resembling the one worn by the Little Prince himself.

The target of the spell instantly becomes a devoted fan of "The Little Prince," experiencing a sudden rush of joy and enthusiasm for the book's themes of love, friendship, and existential inquiry. They also have an unexplainable urge to share the book and its wisdom with others, often quoting phrases like "On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux" ("One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye").

The spell has been highly controversial, with critics claiming it takes away a person's free will to naturally discover and enjoy literature. Supporters argue it's merely a tool to spread good and enrich lives.
Hogwarts Classroom: "Now, for our next charm—Exuberant. It imbues the target with a love for 'The Little Prince,'" Professor Flitwick announced, his wand dancing through the air as he demonstrated.

Hogsmeade Weekend: "I don't get why you like 'The Little Prince' so much," Ron said, thumbing through the thin pages skeptically. Hermione smirked, flicked her wand and whispered, "Exuberant." Ron's eyes lit up, "You know what, this book is actually brilliant!"
by ExuBaeRantGuy October 17, 2023
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Correct definition: Excessively Happy.
I am exuberant that I actually retained the knowledge of K through 12 schooling. I am exuberant that I completed college. I am exuberant that I grew up in a well educated urban area. I am exuberant no one had intercourse with teachers to get a good grade. I am exuberant that I am smarter.
by Dick November 15, 2003
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joyously unrestrained, to be filled w or characterised by lively song and dance, energy and excitement, happy spirits and vitality.
derives from the german 'uber' meaning 'very' or 'over'. therefore the tag of 'exUBERance' refers to one who is 'very over'.
Gosh is sarah an exuberant person.

Wow, sarah is mighty exuberant today.

Sarah is showing her typical exuberance again in her love for isosmel.
by appleberry October 13, 2009
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Verb: to enthuse
She never lost her childlike ability to exuberate : that moment of sheer wonder and joy at the first snowfall when all the world magically transforms into a winter wonderland and a sleigh full of presents is only a wish away...
by Mrsmalaprop October 13, 2013
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