Any form of metal that goes beyond heavy metal in terms of extremity--black metal, death metal, grindcore are the most commonly used, though thrash (primiarly that from the 1980's) can be included as well. This also includes hybrid genres, such as dark metal, death grind, death thrash, goregrind, etc.
Morbid Angel is one of the most popular extreme metal bands today.
by Goatlord April 30, 2003
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the line of softcore rock to hardcore rock(or should i say metal lol)

goes like this

good charlotte, sum41, blink182, kerrang tv basically
then you get a bit more severe like paparoach, limpbizkit
then to stuff like metallica, korn,system of a down' godsmack,

linkinpark, cky
then it moves further on to ironmaiden, motorhead black sabbath, judas


then it goes even heavier to bands like (oh my god)PANTERA, and exodus
then to the limit you go to stuff like gorgasm, cannibal corpse,

mortician, burnt by the sun-these are death metal and doom metal bands
then to take the fucking piss there is music called noisecore,

grindcore, goregrind, mathcore, proggresive death, coprogrind,

pornogrind, deathcore NOISECORE BABY, these last ones are wat we call

gore rotted, serenade of a matyr, well basically anything thatis reviewed or shown in terrorizer magazine
by chris neaves January 6, 2004
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1) An umbrella term for three heaviest genres of metal music (along with their subgenres): thrash metal, black metal and death metal
2) A convenient term to label the music of bands who tend to incorporate all three of the above influences into their sound
2) A politically correct term/euphemism used to label black metal which happens not to be "black" enough for the trve kvlt people to acknowledge it as such. Hence, some formerly black metal bands who later shifted towards a more mainstream sound have adopted this term to label their own music, which later carried over to reviewers and music press.
1) Understood as an umbrella term, "extreme metal" can be used to describe such different bands as Slayer, Cannibal Corpse or Emperor.

2) Torchbearer can be considered the consummate extreme metal band, as their music is a well-balanced mix of thrash, death and black metal.
3) Dimmu Borgir started out as a melodic black metal band, but later incorporated heavy symphonic and industrial influences into their sound while noticeably reducing explicit Satanic references in their lyrics. This lead to considerable mainstream success for the band, which coupled with its lyrical blandness has called into question the continued status of the band as a "black metal" band. Hence the band's sound is often referred to as "extreme metal", presumably not to upset black metal purists, even though the sound is still predominantly rooted in black metal and lacks thrash or death characteristics.
by Xfing October 31, 2014
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extreme metal is a side genre of/to metal. this splits into many many subgenres all belonging to extreme metal.
death metal, black metal/nordic metal, doom metal, power metal, some thrash(not counting for latter 80's thrash like metallica and iron maiden crappy thrash yet they are mentioned sometimes around extreme metal???) viking metal and sludge metal.
now all these subgenres push many a boundary in either skill or blind noise and crazyness, this is especially shown in the subgenre noisecore which is a personal favarite of mine, also grindcore, goregrind, deathgrind, shitgrind, mathcore, whirlwindgrind just to name a few that certainly push noise boundaries, and technical boundaries.
bands like blink 182 and so forth are only big in the industry because it is very easy to listen to, theres not to difficult guitar playing and very happy bubblegum eating singing, and same goes to nu-metal, a max of 4 chords are played and a load of crappy shouting goes on(yet never offensive) so this is the way for so called metal to get in the charts and shit because it doesnt get too extreme, and so idiot dumb teens can listen to that thinking there hardcore without having to make an effort to hear more inferiorly talented catagorys than pop and nu-metal. basically anything u see on totp or hear on the radio, in other words commercialized music will most probably not be extreme metal.
Yes it is a very big confusion between people wanting to know what extreme metal is and why it is not commercial, and it is very annoying having to explain over and over to people, and prob after telling u people this u will probably forget it tommorow and think slipknot is extreme metal, but anyway i hope that helped a few people out.

btw i was the one who posted that first definition(chris neaves), man that was a pretty crappy explanation long time ago aswell, so i hope this one was a little better explained
me: what do you think of black metal dude?

idiot: oh yeah it rocks man, i listen to korn all the time, proper black metal that is.

me: rofl
by extreme bogom August 7, 2004
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Ridiculously drop-tuned guitars combined with insanely heavy speed-drumming and grisly bass-baritone death screams about the impending apocalypse.
"Satan's Deathfuck Cometh".

Extreme Doom Metal at it's finest.
by Arking Nerdenheimer February 27, 2009
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extreme power metal is a form music spawned from the power metal genre. The key ideal behind it is the music is played at very high speeds and to make sound well has to be done with skill. extreme power metal bands often use keybords or keytars and the vocals are almost operatic, there is usually many solos within the songs which tend to be long songs. the concept of the style is to make the listner feel powerfull and the songs are uplifting
the original extreme power metal band is "dragonforce" who have started to pick up credit for there music after there signing with "roadrunner records" and there 3rd album "inhuman rampage" and there music video for the song "through the fire and the flames" which shows the band simply playing the song. there early albums "valley of the damned" and "sonic firestorm " the songs often include lyrics about epic battles with riding across battle feilds. the band also includes a 3rd of the worlds slammers (a style of playing the guitar) and herman lei won the best shredder metal hammer award
by james littler May 7, 2006
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A combination of power metal and extreme metal, defined by high tempo songs, technically challenging and melodic riffs/solos, mid-range growled vocals, and an overall darker sound. Bands are often labeled Melodic Death Metal, even though they have as much in common with death metal as they do Glam. Quite popular in the Finnish metal scene.
Children of Bodom, Norther, Wintersun, and Kalmah are the prime examples of Extreme power metal. Dragonforce is not, though they think that they invented the term.
by required username July 31, 2009
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