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Very tech hardcore. Uses strange time signatures and very staccato and syncopated guitar melodies.
by James Lennon October 17, 2003
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A sub-genre of hardcore/metal.
Normally involving technical guitar work, high-ranged vocals, and off time-signatures.
The Number 12 Looks Like You & The Dillinger Escape Plan are two good example of Mathcore.
by XDillionX October 04, 2007
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mathcore aka math metal is a form of hardcore and metal that employs unorthodox chords and time signatures as well as poly-rhythms. mathcore bands often quickly change from part to part with some exceptions such as meshuggah. early mathcore was very atonal and was mostly discordant atonal parts. however bands like dillinger escape plan have started to add electronics and clean passages to their music. tapping is a popular technique among mathcore bands because of its unorthodox sound. bands like psyopus have gone so far as only to use tapping.

mathcore styles vary greatly due to the individuality that is the scene commends.some of the more melodic mathcore bands include the dillinger escape plan. other math core bands stick to guitar stunts and crazy parts like psyopus. bands like meshuggah use low heavy poly-rhythmic parts to make their sound. bands like evrytime i die keep a rockin feel but throw in unorthodox chords and parts to make them math metal

mathcores influence can be seen in many genres. bands like Lamb of god use out of scale odd time signatures on songs like hourglass. bands like the fall of troy use some of the same techniques as math rockers. finally meshuggah has become the favorite artist of prog metalers like tool and porcupine tree
Xoverkid:dude dillinger is the most mathiest mathcore band ever
by Xoverkid February 21, 2008
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A sub-genre of contemporary heavy metal music, derivative of various forms of progressive metal and metalcore; mathcore is characterized by unusual time signatures, technically complex instrumentation, punctuated staccato playing and screamed rather than growled vocals.
by QuincyBurts September 21, 2010
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Math Core is a sub-sub-genre to the ever poplular metal and Death Metal.
Math Core is typically defined as Death Metal vocals with Progressive Metal music, utilizing odd meters such as 7/4, and changing keys and tempos constantly.
Named "Math"core because of the complexity of the music, rivaling that of classical composers, not to be confused with neo-classical metal
Math Core typically contains the same make up as a metal band, with 2 guitarists, a bassist, drummer, and singer. but sometimes these come in a power trio, with a guitarist, a Warr guitarist, and drummer.
Protest the Hero, Human Abstract, Behold...the Arctopus are my favorite Math Core bands
Damn I wish I had the Skill to be in a mathcore band
by NapoleanXV January 28, 2009
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A term used by someone who tries to make music genres too complicated to sound cool or like they know what they are talking about.
Person A-"Hey what's your favorite style of music?"

Person B-"I would have to say mathcore"

Person A-"What the fuck is mathcore?...."
by 1The1Wise1One1 November 29, 2009
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A style of music, where the music can range from piano melodies to intense guitar solos, growling and/or screaming vocals in the matter of seconds, which seems almost ADD in nature.

Music that is ADD as fuck.
Guy 1: Protest the Hero is so f***ing mathcore!
Guy 2: I know! One second I'm about to tear up because it's so beautiful, the next I'm headbanging!
by aliadesa May 28, 2011
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