A type of bass voice range that feature the quality and texture of a true baritone voice. It can be debatable when this specific register is classified either bass or baritone.
Paul Robeson was one of the greatest singers in the 20th century and fought for civil rights. He experienced his singing from a congregation that was owned by his father, who was a born from a family of freed slaves. In his opinion, he described his singing voice as a baritone. It can be debatable because his voice recorded in audio is described by listeners as a true bass voice. So, the correct and appropriate term for his register is a bass-baritone.

The same with Barry White, who was debated by his audience as either bass or baritone. But, he identified his voice register or as he put it "his instrument" as a bass-baritone in front of his audience respectfully without any conflict.
by Victor9595 June 6, 2017
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