To extend ones nipple; To use cosmetic surgery to extend ones nipple (usually about a good four inches)
Yuri would've loved to go to the mall with Wolfram but he was scheduled to get a nipple extension
by RustyTrombone69 July 27, 2012
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A sexual act between two men and a woman. The first male inserts his penis into the anus of the second male who inserts his penis into the woman.
After a short night of drinking Derrek and Russell pulled an "extension cord" on Shannon.
by RENRUT00 July 16, 2012
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To Extend Ones Nipple Through cosmetic Surgery. People who ask for nipple extensions usually would like their nipple to be a good four inches.
Bob: This is my new nipple extension. I got it because I would like my nipple to be four inches long.
by RustyTrombone69 May 26, 2012
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the construction of widening a sidewalk for the sole purpose of passing slow walking asians
man, i sure love the new asian extensions! we would have been ten minutes late if it weren't for the new construction!
by italianman October 30, 2010
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The act of dialing multiple phone extension numbers to find someone who answers or can be of help, either within a company or calling in to the company.
Everyone must have been on lunch. I had to play extension roulette to get an answer.
by iraman March 9, 2008
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Doing tricep extensions whilst a French girl rides you.
Juzzy Beefcakes went to the gym in Paris to work on his triceps. Halfway through his set he was pleasantly surprised by the young French lady who had positioned herself on his lap. He told his friends later on Facebook that he got a "French Extension". His friends were confused.
by Shabba80 April 2, 2014
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A butt that, is very flat and resembles a long back leading up to the legs.
Damn she'd be a 10 if it wasn't for that back extension.
by the watch April 14, 2015
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