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1:Hey do you want to play CastleMinerZ?
2: No, its a terrible game.
1: Oh, your right, lets just play minecraft.
by anuser April 13, 2020
You cant really explain explain. In fact its hard too. Basically your just saying something... yeah you really cant explain it.
Mom: Explain why you had sex on your screen?

You: I switched to porn because it would be easier to explain.

Mom: Ass munch doesn't understand how to be safe on the internet


Guy: Explain explain.

Guy2: ....

Guy: Spit it out!

Guy2: Well your pretty much saying something or why you did something like going on porn

Guy: Oh ok!
by anuser May 5, 2019
Typically a file used in GitHub respiratorys to give the user information about it.
My friend read a README.md file to get context of what software hes about to get.
by anuser August 13, 2020
Another defeniton of someone smashing their keyboard
Some random person: ima kill yuo!

Some other person: FUCK NO

Some random person: *kills some other person*

Some other person: asdplkm'
by anuser November 22, 2018
my friend used FurMark to test stability but instead fried his GPU
by anuser January 9, 2021