Any guy that you date and dumps you for no reason then insists on wrecking your life and reputataion. Will stop at nothing to make your life horrible and wants to see you suffer. An Exhole s truly a waste of life and is a evil person with no heart or normal mind. Exholes are often phsyco and often mistaken as an ex boyfriend but is a sub-human scumbag that talks crap.
"My bf dumped me for no reason and is cussing all over the place about me! He's such a Exhole!!"

"That Exhole made my friend hate me then he told me I was a fake and that he hoped that I got hit by a train!"

"Wow, what a lying Exhole! He needs to disappear!"
by Star1988 February 3, 2010
An ex-lover who is also a supreme a-hole.
Claudia couldn't deal with her exhole, Curtis anymore. The next time she saw his face, she punched it. exhole
by Boobals November 8, 2013
This is the person that you have gone out with for wayyyy toooooo long and when you tell them you are breaking up with them they become a huge asshole.. and they wont get over it and they now are always going to be known as an EXHOLE!!!
!my ex is an EXHOLE!
by SexyBitch! March 6, 2009
your ex-spouse or ex-partner, ex-whatever that is an asshole
My exhole just called.
by littlesister612 February 17, 2010
A word coined to describe an asshole ex-husband. First used online in MSN Groups in 2002, it has been spreading ever since.
My exhole is late on his child-support payment again.
by Anita/SisD October 7, 2004
Term given to an Ex (husband, boyfriend, lover, etc.) that is also an asshole.
My Exhole called me AGAIN to bug me about $6 dollars I still owe him from 3 months ago, ugh he’s such an ass!
by Sundari February 24, 2021