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A phrase that covers up the fact that everything will not be fine.
There’s nothing to worry about. Everything is Fine.
by EmmaRosie June 23, 2020

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Someone who want's to snuggle someone else so hard
Do you want to Snuggle Wuggle with me?
by EmmaRosie March 11, 2019

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Most of the characters have their gender swapped, while some of them have their gender swapped.
This show would be so much better if the cast was genderblendt.
by EmmaRosie December 24, 2020

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An unabridged musical is a musical with no original songs, but instead have parody’s of different songs from movies, tv shows, and other musicals.
My favourite musical is an unabridged musical.
by EmmaRosie September 13, 2020

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Someone who ships two fictional characters.
I ship Sonic and Shadow!
by EmmaRosie March 17, 2019

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someone that steps in the way of two people.
Jim needs to stop Pop blocking.
by EmmaRosie February 05, 2019

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