The vagina of a ginger woman. Bright orange, curly, and very very hairy to be exact.
Dude, I had no idea she had an Eus!
by Hoeburger February 20, 2011
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also known as the European Union, the infamous monster who released Article 13, banning copyright images, and therefore stopping the only cure to depression: memes
Britain: "Good thing we left the EU!"
by Mr. Memeologist October 6, 2018
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EU is the European Union, a cooperation between most European countries.

It was originally founded after WWII as a peace initiative. The idea was that with close cooperation between countries, military conflicts would be made impossible.
The EU had 15 member states before 2004.
by jackal March 8, 2005
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A franco german benelux conservative dictatorship misguised as liberal and considered as such even though it is right winged
Eu is not liberal
by Aliens00 November 14, 2021
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A Union in Europe of 27 members whose citizens can freely live or work in any of the other countries, the members share laws and do army drills, has a currency € (Euro) not all of the members use it however, it absolutely destroyed Greece and Italy and Spain Aint to well either.
EU is shit
by #1Shagger August 27, 2018
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