to send her an attractive but stupid male so she can get her rocks off until they meet
"I had to lease that Tommy to entertain Maggie. Otherwise I would have fought for dear life. Her euphoria is scary."
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by Gina Yolobrigida November 26, 2020
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a) A very hard song in the video game In The Groove. The song's author is KaW feat. Smiley, which is a pseudonym for Kyle Ward, the main music composer for the In The Groove video game series. The hard chart isn't too bad, being rated as a 9-block, but the expert chart is extremely difficult. Despite it's relatively slow speed for its difficulty (140 BPM (with a short section at 70 BPM) and a 12-block chart), it's pretty nasty. The expert chart is notorious for it's 32nd-note drills (over 18 steps per second) that pop up rather frequently. During the slow section, the song doesn't let up, giving you 64th note drills.

b) The feeling that you get when you get a good score on Euphoria.
a) Person A: I can't believe that Dave full-comboed Euphoria expert!
Person B: I can pass it, but I always lose my combo at those drills!

b) Dave: I'm so glad that I full-comboed Euphoria; in fact, I'm in pure euphoria right now!!!
by JasonMath December 03, 2006
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"Mike was in euphorium when he found out that the sack of nuts was ten pounds heavier then he thought."
by Surfingisgreat36 September 04, 2009
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A dc++ user who enjoys poseing as a female to seduce other men online. Oftenly it is for sexual intercorse.
WTF? is that EuphoriA tryign to be a female again?
by captain-planet! May 06, 2005
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A discord server ran by a batshit crazy teen girl that abuses everyone she gets close to 🥰
Khaled: "Hey man wanna go raid E-uphoria?"
Chadist:"Hell yeah bruther, America!"
by CoChase March 28, 2021
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