A hentai which is sexy, confusing and fucked up at the same time.
WEEB NO.1: What's your favorite off-brand anime?
WEEB NO.2: Euphoria....
WEEB NO.1: Oh....*shudders*
by muthal bhaiya March 07, 2021
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Euphoria means you are feeling much better than you usually do. However, since the prefix "eu-" is Greek for "normal", the implication is that the way you feel in everyday life is actually "dysphoria", a state of depression.
The legendary psychedelic chemist Alexander Shulgin brought the true meaning of euphoria to my attention.
by fuckthepolice February 18, 2008
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the feeling when ur faded, after smoking some chronic or kush.
i get so much euphoria from smoking i feel so into the skating i do all day, when skating/smoke session is over and if its a saturday night i pull a tweakend (tweak out on saturday night).
by skaterjack October 05, 2006
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A form of Henatai in which their are simulated conditions of violent and viscous rape with the submissivies being under extreme bondage conditions such as crossdressing, chaining, being beaten into submission, and multiple death threatening scenarios involved. Keep in mind the actual dictionary definition of euphoria is to be happy, this however is not the case for the submissive and is only for the Master's enjoyment. This is also s real thing that happens to in sex clubs and actual rape, the go-to for women who enjoy a little kink their boring lives.
You still haven't checked out that new Euphoria yet, you're fuckin' weird!
by DARK5 March 20, 2015
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I just scored some euphoria, man. I hope it's the real stuff.
by QuartzRox February 26, 2004
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