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Female version of a Eugene aka a social outcast that might shoot up your school.
Rachel is such a Eugenia
by HahaDFS October 30, 2016
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Simply the most amazing woman ever, probably the best woman you will ever meet. Also referred to as Gina, BarbieGina, or simply Jean.
Wow! That girl is so cool! She must be a Eugenia!
by paauul March 04, 2009
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An amazing girl, beautiful, smart, and talented she is always making people laugh she is a very good friend and she is very pretty she is friends with everyone. She brightens days and helps with everything. If you know an Eugenia you are a lucky one! You will spend good days with Eugenia.
Eugenia is a good person.

Eugenia is smart

That nice girl over here.
by Heyheuhey June 04, 2018
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She is a beautiful girl that will cheer you up when you’re feeling down she can be trusted she can make mistakes but she will admit it but don’t make her mad you don’t want that she is caring and her nickname can be uge,euge or more she can always be trusted
Boy:I think I have a crush on eugenia

Girl:cool go tell her maybe she has a crush on u too
by imthebestttt123 November 20, 2017
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Eugenia is a person that makes sure everyone is okay. She is the type of person to look after others before herself and she values her family and friends. She is also a very kind, trustful, caring, funny, and many more to go.
Boy: Wow. Eugenia is a really caring and kind person.
by Quincy Lee January 16, 2018
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Is a bitch with capital letters ^‿^
Me:I didn't see a bigger bitch than her in my entire life!
Also me:Eugenia sucks!
by Hater2000 May 26, 2018
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