derives from the first letter of the word Surreno:Southern Gangster
Oralé (Esse) que haces.
by DNMBLK December 22, 2009
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a mexican version of the word "nigga". this only applies to mexicans.
"watup esse, so we chillin tonite homes?"

"i'ma cut u up esse, i'ma kill u fool"
by Klondike June 06, 2005
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A Cambodian expression used when a guy talks in a neutral tone while sounding like he's showing off. Either he's joking by blowing it out of proportion or either he's serious and not aware he's sounding like he's showing off. The more the guy shows off, the more 's' you add at the end. Its origins are obscure but it's commonly used by Cambodians from Montreal.
Guy : I went clubbing yesterday
You : How was it?
Guy : Not bad, I hooked up with 10 chicks

Guy : I bought a Prada shirt yesterday
by Bangdavith March 06, 2006
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Little-known term sometimes used in place of "as+noun" to complete a comparison/simile. Mostly used by slightly ghetto suburban kids.
Instead of "It's hot as hell!" use "It's hot ess!"

Samantha: Girl that chick looks terrible!
NaeNae: Yeah girl she ug ess!
by This1Chick December 25, 2011
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Empty Sack Syndrome: After a long day of "self dicipline" infront of a few porn DVD's, the bloke goes to have one last one before going to sleep. He is suffering from ESS if all he manages to conjure forth is a grunt and a wince.
No need for a joe-bag love, got a lend of Charlies Anal's of one of the lads and ive got a bad case of ESS!
by shitty Nicko November 19, 2004
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Instead of saying "Shit", just making the phonetic pronunciation of the first letter.
"Dude, my mom walked in, and I was like, ESS"
by Saul October 07, 2004
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Enfield's Sickest Soldiers
In a town called Enfield, in north London, there's a war going on between ESS and N19.
ESS consists mostly of Caucasian Teenage Boys who go to Enfield Grammar and the Girls are normally from Enfield 'Sket' County. Normally chavs.
No one knows why or who started the ESS, but it looks like ESS will be around for time.
They come out with rubbish disses though. And it's a big gang, you've got to be loyal because if you aren't, you'll get murked and your face will be remembered.
N19 boy: OI, u ESS scum, wot u doing in our endz?
ESS boi: Shut it u tramp, you want beef, you got it cuz!
by Neutral B August 14, 2006
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