The Quran is the 5th and final holy book recognized in Islam, some of the others are the original bible and the commandments given to Moses. The Quran was relayed Via messenger from Allah (the god muslims pray to) to prophet Mohammed. The Quran contains the ideal lifestyles and livings of a proper muslim, and is also recited from in each of the 5 daily prayers. The Quran also has 30 chapter and a total of 114 stories or Surahs
I memorized 25 chapter of the Quran so far.
by exzxcvbnmx July 05, 2010
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The holy bible of Muslims, called quarn,the one who reads it is a wise person,the one that seeks wisdom
I read the Quran yesterday
by Thetopwriter December 03, 2017
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A superior brand of toilet paper, famous for its cleaning capabilities of removing excess fecal matter from the rectum after defacating. It also has many other uses such as wiping vaginal blood, cleaning up after masturbation, and can even be used as kindling for a camp fire.
Make sure you bring enough Quran for your camping trip.
by Whatswaordsworth September 07, 2020
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Quran has a family of sluts
by 1lortwon February 03, 2020
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In arabic meaning:
I swear on the quran (quran being the holy book, like bible for the christians)
wallah quran i completed that game in 3 secounds.
by Dixonsider March 07, 2016
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