quran is holy book of islam.
by raed October 5, 2003
The holy bible of Muslims, called quarn,the one who reads it is a wise person,the one that seeks wisdom
I read the Quran yesterday
by Thetopwriter December 4, 2017
Someone who can treat any girl how they are supposed to be treated....and is very well respected right as well as in the bed 🤫and is perfect for a silly girl .that is thick and cute❤️
Quran + nydirah 😂😂
by D-D-D-D Dick up June 3, 2019
Quran is a very funny person he is very sweet and a very big help But Quran can be really mean at sometimes so don’t get on his bad side
Quran u are very sweet
by Qur November 22, 2021
The Quran is the 5th and final holy book recognized in Islam, some of the others are the original bible and the commandments given to Moses. The Quran was relayed Via messenger from Allah (the god muslims pray to) to prophet Mohammed. The Quran contains the ideal lifestyles and livings of a proper muslim, and is also recited from in each of the 5 daily prayers. The Quran also has 30 chapter and a total of 114 stories or Surahs
I memorized 25 chapter of the Quran so far.
by exzxcvbnmx July 5, 2010
Quran is a cute,weird, and athletic person.Quran is nice but if you make him mad you see a different side.Quran messes with alot of girls but only loves one girl.Quran wants a girl to be on the phone with him all day and tell eachother how much they lobe eachother.
Oh look at Quran he is weird
by Quran is a cute,weird, and ath December 3, 2018
Cheryl and Quran is a couple of a 37-year age gap and posts daily on tiktok.

Cheryl is 61 and Quran is 24
Cheryl looks like 💀 and Quran looks like 🧑🏽 they always want a baby.
How? You may ask. Well, it’s impossible.

Person 1: oh did you see Cheryl and Quran?
Person 2: Yeah, that weird couple on tiktok?
Person 3: I bet they’ll name their baby Dust-in 😂
by Chelsey Dumbo June 15, 2022