Australian term for "portable cooler".

The word "Esky" is in fact a brand name produced by the company Nylex. The term originates from the word "eskimo" obviously for its cold connotations.
Its popularity has become so great during the years that the brand-name has now been used to describe all types of portable coolers whether made by the Esky Brand or not.
They come in many shapes, sizes and colours, but the most well known kind is normally used to store beers and ice. Every good aussie will have a nice large Esky ready for that next bbq occasion.
John: hey mate, could you bring that esky over here

Jim: its not an Esky, its made by Willow

John: whatever
by mayanaise October 1, 2006
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Australian (retarded) way of saying cooler
mate 1) heyo mate can you pass me a coke from the Esky will ya
mate 2) sure thing mate
by MrDictionaryUrban August 13, 2019
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Fresh name for underwear. Gentlemen a place to keep your shrimp ripe.
Goddam, have the crispest esky's on tonight...your welcome ladies.
by bobsaget22 November 15, 2010
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A particular type of Grime (dark UK Garage, AKA Sublo) pioneered by MC Wiley. Although the name was made up by Wiley, Eski grime tends to be innovative and bouncey sounding (eg Igloo or Eskimo)
by MC Reefa March 24, 2004
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a genre of music found solely in south / east london, uk that has its roots in garage and 2step. it has a distinctive "icy" beat that is kinda eclectic and jumpy, and all the beats are spat over by MCs. beats are usually recycled and spat over by loads of MCs - for example, wiley's "ice rink" beat was spat over by about twenty different underground and mainstream MCs. can also mean cold-hearted, shady, mean, brass, etc.
that boy is eski - he's ~bad~
by dj no talent April 23, 2005
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(In Australia) Cooler box. Box of many sizes used for keeping drinks cold.
Let´s skull another VB from the eskie! (Let´s drink (all in one go) a Victoria Bitters (beer) from the cooler.)
by Lisa W September 30, 2005
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When someone that you have kissed has kissed someone else, you are now eskies with that other person. It can go on through multiple people. Similar concept to eskimo brothers and eskimo family
Allie: Jordan kissed me, and I just kissed you, so now you’re eskies with Jordan.
Riley: Oh so does that mean that I’m eskies with Austin too now because he kissed Jordan?
Allie: Yes haha
Riley: Ew!
by TheZodiacKillerIsTedCruz March 21, 2020
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