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Eseosa means God's gift. She is a very nice girl that loves maths. She's sweet and caring and she loves smiling. She has a very lovely voice. Most of the time she's a pest. she loves food. She's a very strong, beautiful and independent woman. If you know any Eseosa, cherish} her because they are rare gems😊
Get yourself an Eseosa 😁
by Pup😊 June 13, 2018
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ESEOSA simply means God's gift, A girl or a boy can be named ESEOSA and

ESEOSA also means a good looking person, handsome, awesome person
ESEOSA is awesome

ESEOSA is a boy
by O. P. Paul August 02, 2018
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eseosa is a monkey often found in the northern asian riegons (:
they are usually black but can sometimes be brown . its one of the leader monkey of the others . he will always know what to do & will always be your hero (:

unless you give him the purple shit , then he freaks out ! :O
salsa, esecalsawa, bestfriend, purple shitt


by yo mamma's daddie August 12, 2009
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