Noun. Real estate term. Period of time in which your money is with a title company, the deed is with the title company, and you're waiting to get the house you're buying. Characterized by increasing bouts of anxiety, craziness, and buyer's remorse as the insurance gets turned down, the plumbing -- and your dreams -- dissolve, and your hard-earned money diminishes at a rapid rate.
Yup, we're in escrow. Tomorrow I'm checking myself into the loony bin.
by Looking for Mr. Dream House August 29, 2012
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(n.) A deposit held in trust or as security; in escrow, phr. used of money, etc., so held. (N. Amer.)


(v.) To put in escrow.

there now ya know
I'm not sure what context "escrow" was used in friends, but I'm sure it was wrong.
by Missing no March 9, 2005
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The time period in a new relationship that she is not having sexual relations with you. The duration can vary but usually amounts to three dates. This has been known to make men behave in a manner some other men call “Being a pussy.”
Billy asked his friend “Hey Clause hows that new girl You met from the Halloween party and you doing?, have you banged her yet?”

Clause says “Nah my ninja I’m in penis escrow brah. But I’m taking her out to Dairy Queen next Friday so I’m thinking we gonna get some ivory and bump uglies!”

Billy - Damn bro, you got class!
by Mattroid Prime November 1, 2017
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