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The time period in a new relationship that she is not having sexual relations with you. The duration can vary but usually amounts to three dates. This has been known to make men behave in a manner some other men call “Being a pussy.”
Billy asked his friend “Hey Clause hows that new girl You met from the Halloween party and you doing?, have you banged her yet?”

Clause says “Nah my ninja I’m in penis escrow brah. But I’m taking her out to Dairy Queen next Friday so I’m thinking we gonna get some ivory and bump uglies!”

Billy - Damn bro, you got class!
by Mattroid Prime November 1, 2017
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When one has had to much wassail and gets drunk from it.
by Mattroid Prime December 26, 2018
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When a destructive vortex of violently rotating winds-having storm hits an adult sex sfactory, causing phallic like objects and flood a city with dildos, anal plugs and other XXX toys.

Also a fun nickname for spinning your long flaccid dick around much like the helicopter.
1.Run... The penisnado is coming. (As a variety of colored dildos spiral towards them)

2.. He started a penisnado at my Lady. I told him to get his dick away from my GF
by Mattroid Prime August 24, 2018
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Noun Shust
Shit dust, dried poop that has become a type of shit dust or Shust.
Fine particles of poo (as in dried poop)
The particles into which poop disintegrate

a : a cloud of Shust

His underwear was covered with shust.
You can see the shust particles floating through the air after a fart on a dry day.

A cloud of shust
After a good cleaning there isn't a sign of any shust on that anus
He developed pink-eye after having shust in his eye.

I shusted his drink in revenge for sleeping with my sister.
by Mattroid Prime May 22, 2013
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Me - Hey bro I just made up a new word on Urban Dictionary!”

Friend - N1C
by Mattroid Prime November 1, 2017
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When you been smoking cock with a flamethrower and someone around you gets that second hand cock smoke.
Smoking cock less than 25 feet from the building can cause second hand cock smoke.
by Mattroid Prime March 3, 2020
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