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A name with Irish origins denoting a female of unusual strength, beauty, charisma, intellect and wisdom. Usually followed by a strong and virtuous middle name like 'Marie'.
Our first female president should be named, 'Errin' because then she would embody all that should represent our nation.
by Rinneratinner February 02, 2010
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Caring, smart, twerks alot, has a twin, talkative, cute, short, pervert, shares, like boobs alot, problem solver, funny, hyper, weird, likes eskimo kisses, has a big booty, loves oral sex
A boy that says, "Aye, what you gone do for this dollar?" is a Errin.

A boy that reminds you that you owe him money is a Errin.
by hot stuff asian ~~~~~~ May 23, 2013
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Some girl who gets fingered then tosses off a guy at the back of a cinema.
"Hey i heard you did an Errin"

"I totally get Errined in the cinema"
by Walshy200 May 23, 2009
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Any blowjob given from a particularly skanky and / or dirty whore.

may also be used as an adjective to describe very whorish behavior or the act of being a whore.
Esample 1

Jacob: Hey mate how was your weekend?
Rhye: Great dude, i scored Errin
Leonardo: *high fives Rhye*

Example 2

Jacqui: Did you see what that errin is wearing?
Jacob: yeah, what a total errin.
Rhye: Hey, that total errin, she's the slut that gave me errin the other day.
by Rhymo June 12, 2009
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