Adjective used to describe a person who is overly aware of and keen on sexual innuendo, and/or particularly prone to Freudian slips. A derivation of "erotic," an ero individual may burst into paroxysms of giggling for seemingly innocuous comments. Shakespeare was the original ero dramatist when he penned the lines, "Give me your long sword, ho!" in Romeo And Juliet.
The ero kid in the back row could hardly control himself when the science teacher lectured on the precipi"tits" heights of Mt. Everest.

The ero undercurrent of the AP Lit class burst into uncontrollable howls of laughter when the teacher asked "Who's doing Williams?" in reference to research on a famous poet.

by swilliam March 13, 2008
she’s a baddie. she’ll put any & everyone in their place. she plays too much but she’s a loyal one. she a lil sneakerhead (A crazy one but you’ll love it. )She loves being called PYT.
Them Ero’s really change ya life.
by mosthattedd February 22, 2020
1) the god of sexual love
2) any guy who is absolutly gorgeous
I had to write an essay on eros.
Mike is a toal eros.
Be my eros.
by holyroman April 19, 2005
1- The greek god of sexual love and desire
2- The most amazing, hotheaded,handsome, loving, silly, smart, and perfect man to ever live. He usually does silly little things to make people laugh and will always be himself. Everything about him attracts people and love, he is essentially the best person alive.
Wow, Eros did the sweetest thing for his girl today!

I had to do a paper on the god Eros today.

Eros is sooooo hot!
by xoxobeth April 28, 2010
noun. a greek word for sexual love. root of the common word "erotic". also refers to sexual desire.
the word eros, which is found in the Iliad by Homer, is a common noun meaning sexual desire
by Breandan Arbuckle May 1, 2008
this nigga mad fucking sexy. Like no home but like damn. He's one sexy motherfucker. He's nasty at every sport and could probably steal my girl. I always gotta dab him up when I see him cause I can't miss the opportunity to dab such a sexy fucker up.
Damn this Eros SEXY AF.
by DequiseJonesssss May 5, 2019