One of the most known graffiti artist of the 818 vally know as San Fernando Vally.He is well known for being in a crew calld U.R.A.k with other of the most known graffiti artist.His work speeks for it self,The crew stans for(u respect all kings).
"Hey did you see eros' bomb in the chase wash"
yeah he bombs wall's like the japanese bomb pearl harvard.
by mike 832 January 15, 2008
eros is very adorable.
i met this guy eros & he’s super mean but that’s cool.
by r12790u July 23, 2019
He is cute and gay
Eros is super gay
by Eros April 13, 2018
the best most wonderful s/o i love them so much:)
eros is gay
by bakakakaakak March 18, 2021
Ero-Sennin is Japanese for perverted hermit. Also see Jiraiya
You're such an Ero-Sennin, Jiraiya.
by Freud December 8, 2004
Horny brat, from Ero (エロ) + gaki (ガキ)

Term used to describe a kid with raging hormones, usually obsessed with erotic adult content or it's derivates
Heyy, Subaru, i found some porn magazine in the street, wanna read it together with me?

(Ero gaki talking with their friend after school ends)
by Dazaizai January 16, 2023
Look at ero-petter

Nice drawing ero-petter!
by Ero-Petter September 28, 2006