Female name, German and Scandinavian origin, an alternative spelling of Erica.

Meaning: Ever queen/ever powerful
by candra910 October 7, 2006
Erika is a sweet girl with a great personality, shes just adorable! Shes always smiling and laughing and she knows how to have a great time. Erika is very easy to talk to. She loves just about everyone and shes very understanding. you would be lucky to have Erika as a friend(:
Man, I wanna be friends with that Erika chick!
by Hopee. July 11, 2010
Will kill you if you spell her name with a C
John: hey erica
EriKa: I will murder you in your sleep
by B,B,B,BIRD,BIRD,BIRD,THEBIRDIS November 3, 2020
One of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Erikas are pretty both inside and out, and always know how to have fun. She probably has the most friends of anyone you know, is extremely smart, and has a big heart.
Do you know Erika? Well you need to go meet her!
by banana675346543 September 6, 2010
she is beautiful and best at basketball. She is trustable person. She is a good sis 💛💛
Erika is my love
by Jolin November 6, 2018
Erika's are hott as hell and are the best gf/friend. You are very lucky to have an Erika in your life. They appear to be shy but once you get to know them, they are the most outgoing person ever. Erika's are sporty, generally doing sports like badminton and volleyball. They are very smart and are loved by all teachers. She has many friends but has only a couple very close ones. To round this definition off, it is very clear that Erika's are amazing and the most awesome best friends or girlfriend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy: Whoh, she's hott. She definitly is an Erika.
Girl: Yeah, that's Erika alright. She's my Bff and she's great!
by Anonymous Cool Kid June 18, 2019
The prettiest, sarcastic, lovable person I've ever been with . Ily please can we getback.
Girl 1 : Omgg is that Erika???!!!!!????

by Someoneyouneed'ntknow December 3, 2021