Erics are mystical creatures that only show up every blood moon with his luscious freckles. Serving soft serve ice cream and 6 inch tuna subs. Hes the type of guy that pretends to hate you but not on purpose. He drops kids on the pavement if they get to close. But dont tempt him, its a defence mechanism. Its hardwired he cant help it. Some say they have received ill patterned hairlines. And lukemia treatment but only once every blood moon. He only shows up for the treatments. Hes a shoulder to cry on during lukemia treatments. Hes the funding. The lukemia treatments might not work no refunds. The results may vary. Possible side effects, dizzines, nausea, autism, ebola, permanent mute, hepatitis A through Z, and extra chromosome, inflamation if the testicles, and slow painful death.
See that lukemia patient, thats Erics doing.
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The most amazing person on this planet. The one with whom I will spend the rest of my life with.
Also used when refering to something being perfect and flawless. Hes my pineapple king =0 I love you baby with all my heart!
Look at that view, it's so Eric!
by snow queen August 27, 2008
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Sexy, cute, sweet, funny, bad temper at times, cute smile, big teddy bear, chill, amazing person, romantic, stubborn, athletic, smart

He's perfect in every wayy :)
Eric, He's my everything and he is perfect
by shaniqua black hoe December 04, 2009
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A name associated with men who use their charm to woo unsuspecting girls. Eric's are incredibly dangerous. Women are instinctively drawn to their humor and seemingly perfect body. But don't be fooled, girls should be warned not to fall for their fairytale demeanor. The minute you make eye contact you're a goner. Use extreme caution when in the presence of an Eric because if you're not careful, you may just fall in love with him.
I'm done for - Eric just hypnotized me with his eyes.
by Spoon Fan January 16, 2010
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Amazing. He's the kind of guy who tells you that he loves you all of the time, & who says he misses you already as soon as you're apart from him. He says he'd do anything to make you happy and means it. He's funny, and has the best taste in movies. It's almost impossible to be angry at him. At least, when you're actually with him. And even if you are angry at him the night before, when you see him the next day all you want is to let him know that you love him. He's the kind of boy who'll text you "I love you babydoll", when you haven't even spoke that day. He can be a jerk, and a little conceited, but in my eyes he really is perfect.. So it doesn't matter. When he smiles, you can't help but smile back. He's so amazing. The best thing about him is that he really has the cutest laugh in the world. It's adorable. He's wonderful, and the best thing that could ever happen to you.
Eric :)
by Gabrielleeee September 24, 2010
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a word to be used in place of epic, amazing, sweet, legit, heady, outstanding.
That's pretty Eric.

That was the most Eric song I've ever heard.

I had an Eric time with you last night.
by The Eric Dean February 03, 2010
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