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A Man of such incredible Sexual Prowess that he can impregnate a woman from 30 yards away, while playing golf with Tiger Woods (and giving him some tips on how to pick up the laydays) AND teach poor orphans how to read and write. Simultaneously.

That Man is Erdi.
Erdi is wrestling a giant alligator with one hand tied behind his back and playing keepy uppy with both legs. A school bus of young female nuns going to church drives pass. Nine month later they all give birth to triplets.

Bus Driver: Yep, that was Erdi.
by J-kwonTipsy December 06, 2010
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A kid who'll become the Lord of cocaine (bigger than Tony Montana or Pablo Escobar) when he grows up.
Erdi has a lot of multi-racial friends from all around the world, never let him near yo bitch as well cuz i'll guarantee that she'll leave you for him or one day you'll wake up to her telling you she's pregnant with "your baby".
Erdi's best friend is Kanye, but Erdi never stares at Kim's ass cuz he has too much respect for Kanye. His son will also make the NBA and treat his children just like LaVar Ball is to Lamelo,Laingelo & Lonzo.
by *SIRCARTIERHOE* December 24, 2018
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