A desperately needed socioeconomic system in which the workforce environment distributes gains within reason between the employees' wages and management's compensation. This system may also be used in a government to a more democratic rule of all people considered equal.
New generations are disillusioned with the system of Capitalism which squeezes maximum profit from employees as opposed to Equitism which matches compensation between corporations and those that help build them.
by Etienne Boetie September 12, 2019
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A specific type of english horseback riding; At a horse show or competition an equitation class is based solely on the rider. Unlike hunter classes that are based on the horse, in and Eq. class the rider must have an incredable back and leg position and a good seat to win the class. An equitation rider's horse should frame and have the correct bend. In a equitation class where riders jump the signals the rider sends to her horse must be nearly invisible, in this class judges may have their riders jump without irons and pick up a counter canter.
Brianne Goutal, The winner of the 2005 Maclay Finals was a really good equitation rider.
by Secretariot October 26, 2007
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Equitation is great. You get to practice by jumping no stirrups with a crop up your back and tacks on your saddle. YaY fUn!
by supperhappyfungirl July 06, 2010
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Generally refering to computers,monitors,fax machines and other office items that are always breaking down and are unreliable.
That fax-machine is a piece of equitment,it stopped working at least 5 times this week!
by Earl Gr. March 20, 2008
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To be mindful that we are connected to and are part of a whole. It is a direct and fair exchange of two concepts: the right to intend on complete wellness and the right to receive wellness.

Characterized by fairness, it's one's intention (sadhana) in the right action of a proper and just exchange of another intention to be open to receive correct (right) wellness.
Spa & Hospitality Management should be keenly aware, particularly in cultures where selling is frowned on, of equitable wellness to further encourage the exponential growth of the return on investment.
by Carina Chatlani October 03, 2007
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