A word with no actual meaning, but is usually taken as a toxic statement. Commonly used by the Vexed clan on R6.
Vexedblood: Eomed
VexedNik: Eomed
VexedNeon: Eomed
Yeet24e: Fuck You.
by PoisonElixir October 13, 2019
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End Of Message

Used in message threads. If you see this you don't need to click on the post/message as there's no further information.
by batgirl33 August 17, 2004
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Used in finnish language. It means that something has improved.

EOM = Eteenpäin On Menty, which would be in english: 1) There's been proggress 2) We've gone forward.
by mnjt June 25, 2009
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"These packages are needed for EOM".
by sataliscous August 09, 2019
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a hands down amazing, one of a kind, incredible person
also has a butt of a greek god....so hard and firm yum
victoria park's property obviously is ji yong eom
by jiyongizmoojicute July 25, 2011
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