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Enio is a guy who is very sweet and cool. Enio's are usually fun to be around because they know how to have fun. They love to party and rarely back down from an obstacle if it's for something they care about. Enios are very pleasing in bed and know how to treat a girl right. they are also very funny and nice.
"Damn, look at Enio I wish I were like him"
"it's Enio, how do I look? I'm gonna approach him"
"Enio is really cute"
by Artic Ice December 28, 2014
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Is Dublin skanger slang for 'grand' or 'sorted' or 'Okey-doke' or 'Nice one'.
Mostly used in a way that makes no sense.
No bother, enio.
I'm going to Micka's house, enio.
by Chief10 December 22, 2010
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