Karelia the land of the Karelian people, is an area in Northern Europe, split between Russia who owns the Republic of Karelia, East Karelia and the Karelian Isthmus; and Finland who own North and South Karelia.
One day Karelia and the Karels will gain reunify and self rule! Long live Karjala!
by Karjalanbear September 4, 2019
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Karelia is described as a person who is goofy and funny until you get in her bad side, She'd get mad and try to defend herself and other people especially her friends. Karelia is someone who tries to forget her mistakes and keeps thinking, "I shouldn't have done it, my life is ruined." But most of all, she'd be there for you even if you don't like her or feels left out.
Girl: "Have you heard what karelia said earlier?! she went off on that kid for him talking about her friend!"
Boy: "Yeah, I heard! Amazing i know right!"
by Gabby Anderson October 31, 2019
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She is a lovable person, who always has your back. She is usually prepared for any exams and will always score good grades. She is very modest and a great drawer, she is always determined to try her best to make things work. She is a helpful person and is very inclined with nature. She thinks she is a social outcast, but actually admired by most people.
Karelia's so good at drawing, you should ask her for help.
by Sister trowel June 13, 2017
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