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Band located in Finland

Jami Pietilä vocalist/lyricist founded End Of You in 2003; an electronic melancholic rock band. His good friend Lede, the bass player is a fundamental player in the band as he provides the groundwork for their songs. They realized a keyboardist would be an integral part in their music and recruited Johnny as he provides a vast variance in sounds. To complete the band they added Mika a drummer and Jani a guitarist.

The band made some smart moves when making a video of "Walking With No One". It just happened to be their first demo song. The video was received extremely well and End Of You made a seven song demo that was so superbly cut it caught the attention of manager, Sami Tenetz, from Spinefarm Records. The record company ended up signing the band a few months later.
End Of You released their first full CD in 2006.
End of You songs include:

Walking with no One
Upside down
Better God
You Deserve More
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