generally used in internet talk, means to express an emotion of some sort is generally preceeded and followed by a *, or ::, or <> to show a feeling or emotion you are having while conducting written conversation.
by Hubs June 20, 2003
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Energy in motion. The physical sensation that occurs directly below the diaphram, from the electrical signal that is transferred through the body, originating in the limbic system (amydgdala), caused by any number of stimulus, pertaining contingently to the individual person's circumstances.
When your "heart" feels heavy or light for a reason not directly associated with the cardiovascular system, but usually caused by another living being. (i.e. person, pet, etc.)
by MrsMinx January 25, 2005
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Apathetic behavior is to show little or no emotion and no interest. Sociopaths will either have no emotion or not feel bad about being purposely cruel to ohers. They will emotionally destroy anyone who gets close to them.
Having no emotion could just be Apathetic behavior or a totalSociopath.
by Obscuredego October 29, 2013
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"I was so pissed off i sent him the angry emotion on msn last nite"
by Claire80 January 21, 2006
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Emotes can be either the asterisks placed in front and behind a sentence describing action to indicate the permorance of that action or a short version of emoticon, which is a face made with the characters on a keyboard.
a: *runs*
b: *chases*
b: >=D
a: *runs faster*
by Zi October 3, 2004
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Emo spreading to the person next / close to you.
John is so emo today, no wonder her gf June is attaining emotality.
by eUpH0rIa June 3, 2010
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Of or relating to emotion; Readily affected with or stirred by emotion; Arousing or intended to arouse the emotions; Marked by or exhibiting emotion. Usually confused with the word emotional. Emotional is not actually a word.
My boyfriend and me had this fight, and i'm feeling very emotionful right now
by LuxemburgRajoo June 11, 2010
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