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Vt. The act of misleading or tricking someone while communicating via email or Messenger, by using emoticons to imply that statements are not true or not as serious as they really are.
Jane's boss is emoticonning her. He emails here about head office plans RE her team, but then ends his sentences with winks. So, Jane is convinced that all these big plans are just talk.
by Seb13 January 24, 2009
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1. Using excessive emoticons in emails, chats, or on social networking sites.

2. Using emoticons that are the opposite of how you truly feel.
1. Teresa is always emoticonning and puts every emoticon she knows after every statment she makes, :))) :D :P :0) ;) !!!!!

2. I am probably going to have to do some emoticonning and :) and :D when I email Teresa, because I actually hate her and think she is a stupid whore.
by bear assassin February 03, 2010
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