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An Emma Kate is a rare one in a million creature. Most often found in art studios, music rooms, bed rooms or mushrooms.

The Emma-Kate is most commonly known to be creative, intellectual, attractive-in-a-pale-and-interesting-way, musically inclined, generally entertaining and amicable and is easily enticed by mixed CD's, attractive talented males, a good cup of tea with a biscuit, a guitar or, should all else fail, hard cash.

WARNING do not feed the Emma Kate, they're quite independant and may bite.
dude 1: Hey was that a-
dude 2: Yeah I think it was...
dude 1: You gonna...
dude 2: Yeah, I'm not sure, bit scary.
dude 1: fair enough, emma kate's are notorious.
by dekstar5000 February 03, 2010
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