A rare type if girl that will care for you and be there for you through every battle. She is beautiful in every way possible, she is smart and loyal and always truthful. An emma can be the best thing to happen to you... SO NEVER LOSE HER!!!! Cause if you do you will spend the rest of your life regretting letting her go.
Man how did you manage to get your girlfriend she is the full package!

I know im so lucky i got an emma in my life i dont ever want to lose her!
by Pmwmm98 August 2, 2017
by Shcuidnd February 1, 2020
Emma is the most perfect girl you will ever meet, she's always positive and has a contagious smile that infects everyone around her. She finds the best in people no matter who they are or what they have done. She is characterized by her beautiful long brown hair and her beautiful greenish-blue eyes. Her smile will light up your night sky with just a smirk. She has the best sense of humor, that being of sarcasm mixed with very dry humor. Her laugh is the cutest most innocent thing you have ever heard. She loves running, animals, and one day wants to have a career wherever she wants. She loves to cook, eat good food, and be happy. She should be taken as a blessing to any man who shares a hug with her.
Boi 1: Is that Emma?
Boi 2: Yep
Boi 1: I wish she was in my arms
Boi 2: Me too
Boi 2: oh Nothing.....
by bocboi278 June 7, 2014
Nicest girl you will ever meet! An Emma is amazing at so many things and she doesnt even know it! The most selfless, caring friend you will ever find. If you find an Emma grab her and never let her go!
Guy1: Wow! I wish emma was my girl friend.
Guy2: Me too!
by mwah_kiss April 22, 2013
A girl that knows how to make an awkward situation even more awkward. She's funny and stylish and knows how to make you smile.
Emma is dancing in that corner by herself.
by Rainbowgirl2002 March 5, 2015
Emma is the nicest girl i know and she will literally do ANYTHING to make other people happy. She always puts other people before herself no matter the scenario. She looks super pretty and happy but really she keeps a lot of secrets hidden inside that she doesn’t want other people to know about. She’s very athletic and good at sports. Emma is very talented at math and history but doesn’t like to show off. She’s a daredevil and very rebellious from her parents but close to her friends. Emma is the best person in the world ❤️
I really wish I was friends with Emma because she’s so nice!
by lovemyfrenz December 20, 2019
An awesome girl who is friendly and beautiful. Usually talented at many things and has a good sense of humor.
Wow, she's a real Emma!

Emma is awesome at everything!
by Elemeno_P April 21, 2013