A one of a kind girl, she's caring and super sweet. She's always there for you and helping you out, even when your requests are quite extreme. However, she is probably also the weirdest person you'll ever meet, she'll send you awkward pictures of ducks in her free time and talk about her potato chip obsession. Overall, she's an amazing friend, and you'd be lucky to find someone like her.
Friend 1: Who's that girl researching about Nasal Passages?
Friend 2: That's Emilia
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by flamingojose March 09, 2017
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The prettiest, kindest girl. She is a complete angel but can be a complete boy addict sometimes! She will never let you down and love you soo much that you'll feel like the specialist person in the world. She is a heck of a girl and trust me she knows how to party alright! She is completely addicted to her phone but she loves and values her friends more than anything. All the boys love her n she is hot as hell...All u need to do is lover her n she'll love n care for u like anything!
She loves her best friend and considers her as her own sister because she believes that friendship never ends!!!
Boy1: Hi Emilia!
Emilia: Hi...
All the boys:๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹
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by Flowerpencilcase June 27, 2020
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Emilia is a stunningly gorgeous girl who is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She is always thinking of others, and has a good heart. Emilias make amazing friends, and has a hilarious sense of humor. Emilia is usually Italian.
Wow, Emilia is so funny.
by AustraliaNight November 17, 2016
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Emilia is a great person. She should be respected and given what she wants. If she asks for a cookie...

GIVE HER THE COOKIE! If you know an Emilia that is rude and mean please kill that person. There should be know bad people named "Emilia". She may look weak on the outside(especially when trying to show her muscles) yet tough and brave on the inside. She may sometimes be scared of friends backdoors but will eventually figure out the problems. Her friends all love her and look up to her. Emilia's are massive legends. Be grateful to talk to an Emilia. Emilia's often love ducks! Because ducks are awesome!
Person 1 This girl asked for a cookie. Should I give it to her?
Person 2 What is her name?
Person 1 Her name is Emilia
Person 2 Than give her the god damn cookie!
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by Name Writer January 09, 2018
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1. Unusual female name that sounds just like 'Amelia', and therefore is forever misspelled.

2. Character in Shakespeare's play, Othello. Is excellent for essays because near the end of the play, she gives a vaguely feministic speech that can be interpreted as something of great importance.
1. "You misspelled my name in the yearbook, again, for the fourth time."

2. "I got an A+ on that essay just because I made up a bunch of crap about Emilia's little speech."
by Emilia234 July 24, 2006
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A Province in Italy: Emilia-Romagna. A famouse highway running through the province and the city Bologna: the Via Emilia. Also a charactor in Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale." The name itself means 'hard working.' Not to be confused with the English version Amelia or Emily.
Dude, let's go chill on the Via Emilia!
by The Great E November 30, 2006
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