A girl with lots of love for softball and a person who doesn't give up
Wow, look at that girl!! She plays like an Emilia
by Emilia Savage December 24, 2016
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Emilia’s come in a wide range and variety, they’re often very pretty and funny. They have short attention spans and are easily annoyed by the smallest things. Emilia’s can be great fun as long as you don’t piss them off because they can be great in confrontation.
Person 1 “Hey, did you see Emilia today?”
Person 2 “Yeah, she’s stunning but i heard she can be a fiesty biatchhh!”
by Mila_ January 10, 2018
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A SEXY AMAZING girl you won’t be able to take your eyes off. her favorite slang words are: oof, Triggered, and AF. If you find one never let go of her. boys adore her, and have major crushes on her. typically has deep brown hair, and beautiful everlasting eyes
boy 1:“Emilia and me partied so hard last night at jason’s!”
boy 2: “ hey I called dibs on her first, where will I find a another woman like her?!”
by alison.reed123 February 22, 2018
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a type of grape that can capture the moment with one snap
you really put an emilia on that
by El thermo April 27, 2009
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the type of person who always makes you cheer up no matter what. she is the sunshine of your life, can be very introverted sometimes but overall is a very outgoing and adventurous kind of girl. any male would be lucky to have her in their lives, but you must be careful with an Emilia, she can be the biggest player ever existed if she aint doing shit for real with you. sorry m8. you either hate her or love her the most. she is beautiful, sweet, kind of curvy, never a skinny legend but looks hella great anyway - thats the golden rule. her personality has a lot of downfalls but if you get used to them, you will realize how much you love and need her no fucking matter what. her style is gorgeous, her music taste is a 6/10, but overall she is a real treasure. get an Emilia for yourself and never let that amazing person go.
Guy 1: ay, have you seen that girl over there?
Guy 2: bro, she gonna make me act up fs
Guy 1: looks like a real Emilia
Guy 2: hell yeah, she be that pretty motherfucker
by funkyballs July 03, 2020
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She is pretty smart and little arrogant.But she like to be friends with you!
She sometime have crush on someone.Shes little shy
and when her friends is sad she give a hug. She is very polite
sometimes she is quick to get angry but cute
guy: Look at her she look so beautiful and polite

Who is she?
Me: She is Emilia
by liyahana June 09, 2021
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