A cute British girl who all the guys love. She's very beautiful, has a very cute laugh, and can cross up anyone in basketball!
My friend: OMG who's that pretty girl?

Me: Oh that's my girlfriend emilia but her nickname is milly
by eman w. May 19, 2017
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A name of an imaginary girlfriend that guys use to boost their confidence after a major breakup, and to make the girl that broke their heart jealous.
girl 1- I heard that trevor's new "girl friend" goes to Mammoth High
girl 2- Wait, I heard she goes to Bishop High
girl 3- I think she's just an Emilia
by memo2641025 April 20, 2008
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emilia is the person who is always there for you. she is one of the best people on earth. she is beautiful, smart, funny, weird, caring, amazing, loving, etc. she is just what every person needs, if you have a best friend named emilia that means you are one of the luckiest people in the universe. emilia can be a motherfucker/bitch (in a good way). you can count on her with anything! if you find an emilia, hold on to her because when you’ll lose her.........it will be the biggest regret of your life!

p.s. my name is alex, emilia is my best friend since she was born. i love you ems!💕
my best friend Emilia, was ALWAYS there for me when i was sad. i love her with all my heart.
by alex3213 June 23, 2019
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A girl who is really flexible and loves softball. She is a beauty in the streets and beast in her cleats.
See that girl playing catcher, she is a total Emilia!
by Emi_Softball_Catcher April 15, 2017
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A SEXY AMAZING girl you won’t be able to take your eyes off. her favorite slang words are: oof, Triggered, and AF. If you find one never let go of her. boys adore her, and have major crushes on her. typically has deep brown hair, and beautiful everlasting eyes
boy 1:“Emilia and me partied so hard last night at jason’s!”
boy 2: “ hey I called dibs on her first, where will I find a another woman like her?!”
by alison.reed123 February 22, 2018
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Emilia is the main character of any movie/show. She is deadass the life of the party and always lights up the room with her quirky and funny personality. She also has a great sense of style and is always updated on current memes and trends. Once you meet her you’ll never forget about her as she makes the best first impressions. All mums love her. Emilia’s have a unique look and they really don’t care what people think, which makes Emilia’s a special species. Lastly, Emilia’s have insecurity issues due to them being surrounded by successful beautiful people constantly, but she does not see her worth, and she had a very humble attitude towards all success in her life. Her extroverted nature and optimistic energy makes her easily approachable and she’s always the one you should text if ure sad or need advice.
Omg that girl is so wild and careless! She must be an Emilia
by _sexilexi_ March 6, 2021
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