The national flag is supposed to embody the spirit of our country.
by mànish dalal February 13, 2017
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As opposed to the meaning of the word "Woman" in "Discursive" (Language) or "Performative" (a la Butler et al.) terms, the term Embodied Woman refers to women for whom the body has been the site of experiencing their femaleness.
I say I am a woman not because I feel like a woman or because of the clothes I desire to wear but because this patriarchal society's response to my existence as a human being has had a lot to do with the fact that I have boobs and a vagina. Moreover, I have the capacity to get pregnant, and I get periods and all the bodily experiences that come with it such as PMS, PCOD, cramps, etc. Thus I say that I am an Embodied Woman.
by Class struggle memes July 19, 2022
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Well according to the internet I'm just the worst fucking combination of things a person can be!
Dr. JeepJorp "WeLl YoU cOuLd ChAnGe!"

Hym "Nope. No. I'll just be the worst thing ever. That's fine. The embodiment of sin is fine. I'll just fucking be that forever."
by Hym Iam February 23, 2023
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1. people who are clueless or without a clue.(blondes, sluts,)

2. emo kids

3. people who protest anything ( there's no point)

4. people who want to ban words from the english language

5. close minded idiots

6. most of society
the popular people in school are most likely now, the embodiment of stupidity. and suck at life.
by The Low Voice in Your Head April 18, 2009
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A title only given to those who deserve it, a real sex haver.

Generally people called Zack.
"How’s your chess match going mr. embodiment of sex?"

"Zack really is the embodiment of sex."
by SloppyNuts March 29, 2023
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A song from the album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 by Coheed and Cambria.
From the POV of Jesse.

Jesse is being tortured by Mayo, or someone of the Red Army, who are now frustrated with Jesse not talking and giving any hints what they're looking for...and perhaps now the Red Army is demanding to know where the boy shown with Chase is. So the boy (Picture a young boy in pieces) they're thinking about is Chase's counterpart William and they have written Claudio off for dead already.
Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow) is the fourth track on the album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.
by Katy H April 4, 2007
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He's a character in the tiktok animation channel chikn nugget.

He takes the appearance of a humanoid figure with a clock as a head. His colour scheme simple only consisting of cyan, pink, purple and white. He is voiced by funtime fre- I mean Kellen Goff and has a menacing attitude but is goofy and funny.

He appears when a member of the cast mentions a sentence about time, when he does this a appears and a poof of sparkles.
by Imthehamman June 1, 2023
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